Mobile Recording (phones and tablets)

Over the past  5 years or so, its now become possible to take the home studio out of the home in the form of an Ipad or even your smartphone.  This allows for even more possibilities to capture your creativity when the moment takes you.  Touring musicians have really taken to this technology and artists like Damon Albarn of the Gorillaz have used the Ipad to create a whole album.  This really proves the ethos of ‘It’s not about the gear’.

For the Ipad the program ‘Garageband’ reamains ever popular as it features its own instruments and guitar amplifier simulation plus the ability to record your audio either through the built-in microphone or a third party mic that can elevate the quality of the recording to quite a decent level.



                       The Apogee 96k                                                                        IK Multimedia iRig Mic 


The Apogee 96k is a high quality microphone that is well worth a look if you have the budget, current retail is around €249 , £219. the IK multimedia iRig microphone is quite a bit cheaper at $105, €118 but remains a good solid option for improved recordings.